Being Highly Engaged

There is no stronger way to build a relationship I believe than being highly engaged when you are with that person or group.

Both in the business world and outside of it.

When clients see that we are engaged and in the moment they start to understand that you have empathy for their business and truly want to help them.

Engagement shows that you care and have recognized that the time you are spending at that moment with the client is the most important thing in your world.

It’s critical in creating long lasting relationships.

Engagement is becoming a lost art.  Too often we are distracted by incoming emails, the scurry of people in the office, and every new notification on social media.  (If this happens to you and you’ve had enough I’d recommend grabbing the Efficiency Recipe!  14 more hours per week to do good work and to stop being distracted.  Get your copy HERE!)

Here’s why being highly engaged specifically in media sales is important.
It sets the precedent from the moment you walk in that your client is going to get value from the time they are willing to spend with you.

Time well spent is important to people who don’t have any time in the day.  The more engagement you offer the more value you ultimately give.

How can you be more highly engaged in your meetings with clients?

1. Put your phone in your pocket and on silent.  When you have your phone on a client’s desk or table it shows that another one of your client’s is actually more important and you might hear from them.

2. Pause before you speak.  That means that you have listened to what the client has just said and you are actually thinking about your response.

3. Be prepared.  When you are prepared and not frazzled it’s much easier to be engaged.  Have an agenda and a plan for your meeting along with action steps.

Ultimately the more engagement the stronger the relationship and the greater possibility of future business.
Give the engagement route a shot today with the above tips and have yourself a great day!

Comments are encouraged, shares are appreciated, and if you really do want yourself to be more engaged the Efficiency Recipe is a great way to get there. Get it HERE.

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