Creative Live: Launching a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

In addition to empowering media sales reps at Marketing Fun With Mike one of my other business roles is being the VP of Sales at Trident Design, a product launch company.

The owner Chris Hawker is doing a Creative Live seminar today on Crowdfunding!

Trident is an incredibly innovative space that encourages growth of all employees both inside and outside of its walls.

One of the biggest lessons I have taken from Trident is that you can always learn something new.

For me it was the wild world of crowdfunding and the opportunities that it has started to create and will only continue to create into the future.  I’m floored that just a year ago I knew very little about this space that is radically changing the face of business entry and new product launches all around the world.

Did you know that advertising and digital marketing play a large role in crowdfunding?

Do you know how crowdfunding can play into a marketing budget?

Do you know that creating a storyboard outline for a crowdfunding video is very similar to writing copy and scripts for your clients?

Crowdfunding creates possibilities not profit.  It promises to shake up the media sales world in a large way over the coming years.

If you want to empower yourself with learning about this before everyone else does in the media sales world I’d suggest considering watching Chris’s live show today.

I’m only armed with the knowledge and expertise in crowdfunding because of him and the rest of the incredible team at Trident.

Push yourself today and you’ll be rewarded tomorrow.  If you are the first media sales rep talking to businesses about what crowdfunding is and is not you’ll be able to gain more trust, build stronger relationships, and have an opportunity to see your revenue grow year after year after year.

And as a side plug...Creative Live has many noteworthy programs and presentations every day.  Spend some time there digging around.

Knowledge is power.

Let’s go create some possibilities for your clients.  Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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