The Sales Recipe is OUT!

There is no better way to finish a project that is almost complete than to put a HARD deadline on it.

I was 90% of the way done with the “Sales Recipe” for about two months and I let other things pop up and delay finishing my 3rd online program.

Then I was hired for a speaking gig and as additional value to the attendees I promised I would give the program to the audience two weeks after the presentation.

That two weeks will be tomorrow.  And the Sales Recipe is 110% finished and out as of late last week!

Are you ready to thrive and not just survive in your sales career?

Do you think you are in business or a career of any sort but aren’t in sales?  You actually are.  We are all in sales.  From how we wave goodbye to our children in the morning to how we smile at a stranger on the street, we are selling ourselves each and every day in our lives.

The Sales Recipe is my online program that is available HERE for only $9.00 for 72 hours!  That’s cheap and won’t last!  It will get you ready to absolutely kick butt selling yourself, the company you work, or the career track you are in.

They are the core principles that I used to sell 75,000 hot dogs and over ten million dollars in media sales.  It’s what I’ve used to help train companies and audiences at presentations all over the country.

And now it can be yours for only NINE dollars HERE!

Why such a special deal?  Because you have one special life and it’s time to really kick butt in it.  This is an opportunity to take it to the next level.

Plus you’ll get some rocking bonus items!  Some are fun like the Top 20 Sales Movie Quotes and then some have real deal value like the ten minute video with lifelong sales trainer Jim Pontius on“Five Attributes of the Most Successful Salespeople.”  The best part about his video is it’s nothing that we are born with, it’s all about us wanting to have the attributes and the discipline to apply them!

Take action and get yourself the Sales Recipe today!  Let me know if you have any questions and if it’s not for you but someone you know I’d be grateful if you shared with them or bought them a copy and sent to them.

And additional action…if you have a project that is almost complete but you can’t seem to get the nerve to put the cherry on the top and finish it…put a hard deadline on yourself!

I did and it worked like a charm.

See you back here on Thursday with rock chalk sales tips for your life.

Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem.