Why Performance Matters

Digital Advertising.

Ah the business that everyone wants to be in.  I know and understand.

I am in the business as well.  Cheers to us right?!?!

Everyone wants to be in this business because this business is growing, it’s making people money, and quite honestly it seems pretty cool if you say you are involved in it instead of just good old “traditional advertising.”

My mindset though in the world of digital advertising has shifted in a big way over the past months as I’ve become completely enamored with the PPC World.

What does PPC stand for?  It stands for Pay Per Click advertising.

This is not the pay per click of the old dark ages of the mid 2000’s either.  That was when you didn’t know where the clicks were coming from and how they were arriving.

With the data we have now we can fully understand where the clicks come from, what people are doing do after they click, and what our success rate of converting to a lead or a sale really is.

Why am I so excited about PPC and why should you be too?

It’s all about performance.

We can finally be judged on our performance.  Isn’t that what we have always wanted in the world of media sales?

For years we have begged our clients to “just trust us” that our advertising medium worked.  Now we have the opportunities to prove it.

This is our chance to shine and step up to the plate and hit a homerun for our clients.  

(You can’t have too many sports puns right?)

PPC is going to change the face of advertising and flip digital advertising upside down to what people believe they know about it.

We get to be accountable and responsible.  That’s also scary and intimidating for some in the same breath.

How can you be accountable?

  1. Hold yourself to performance based results.  Be that rep who is a bad ass about getting their client more leads and stops talking about click thru ratios.
  2. Strike new ways to improve PPC while the iron is hot.  Animated GIF’s, more intense targeting, and email marketing with a soul are all ways to help the client improve their results of Pay Per Click campaigns.  Be that resource and shine for them!

Performance matters to the client and it’s time it matters to the people who serve the client.

PPC gives us that chance.  Let’s make the most of it and be empowered with the knowledge we need to help our clients take it to the next level.

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Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem.