A Tribute to Gary Vee

Empowerment is about knowledge. 
When you are given the knowledge that you can take and apply in your career then empowerment occurs.

After of course you put your head down and run 110 MPH through brick walls for a few years, it ain’t just one layer of application to get empowered!

Gary Vee’s name has been coming up a lot lately in my world so I just wanted to take a moment to say to you…the media sales industry and anyone else here looking to further their business footprint…read his stuff and dig into his content!

Gary Vee was my inspiration to start the Marketing Fun With Mike blog and even how I created the name of my website.

His first book was all about personal branding.  (My personal branding recipe is available HERE and will be paid for if you apply the concepts after one meeting with a client.  That’s the truth!)

He’s had two other gems and as he launches his latest book he seems to be popping up everywhere in my world.

While a young guy I consider him a total old schooler when it comes to social media marketing because of how long he has been laying down outstanding concepts.

Gary Vee paired wines with breakfast cereals to take his parents wine and liquor store to new heights, he wants to own the New York Jets one day, and his best selling book is all about boxing metaphors.  (You know with my whole hot dog thing I can appreciate a good metaphor!)

Here’s why he’s been coming up:

  1. I talked about his “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” social media marketing methodology at a speaking gig a few weeks ago.  Read that book!
  2. My wife has been watching his live video sessions as he and his team get ready to launch his latest book.  Seems stressful.
  3. An old client of mine from the radio days (and hopefully someday again!) told me he saw him live at a Lexus convention and it’s changed the way he is viewing social media and was truly inspired by him.
  4. Well he knows I like him because he keeps advertising his Udemy courses to me in my Instagram feed!

If you want to be a media sales person who understands what social media and digital strategy is and is not when talking with your clients and becoming an expert at it for yourself then pay attention to Gary Vee.

The man knows his stuff.

And I hope one day he has enough success that he can buy that mediocre NFL team that he loves so much ha!

If you want to comment and aren’t a robot, then do so below!  If you prefer to just share my blog post, then share away!  I’m always available at mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com.

Thanks for being part of this crew and here’s to you being empowered in your work.

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