Content Marketing Strategy Suggestions

Becoming empowered in the media sales industry is a little bit of a loaded line at first glance.

I’ll admit it.  Since I came up with I should take responsibility and explain it!

To me the point is to get you equipped with the knowledge and means to take your career to the next level, your clients businesses from B’s to A’s, and to be a one percenter in your industry.

Empowerment is having the means and confidence to do incredible work.

My goal is to supply you with new avenues and thoughts to get your mind spinning and a forward march to these places.

Today let’s cover content marketing strategy suggestions.

I had a speaking gig last Wednesday at a luncheon in Cincinnati where I spoke with a group of successful business owners and professionals in the greater “Nati” community.

My presentation was “Five concepts that every business person needs to understand and apply in the digital age.”

They were a great audience and I personally had an incredible time, in case you were curious!! 

When we got to the topic of content marketing the percentages played out.

Currently about 50% of the business population has a content marketing strategy of some shape or size and at the luncheon when I asked the question about who does have one about half the hands in the room went up.

Quick backtrack in case you don't know.  What is a content marketing strategy?

This blog, my podcast, or any all the mind blowing forms of content out there that businesses offer their prospects or consumers.  They are opportunities to give people an inside scoop and in my case free and hopefully valuable information with the idea it improves our relationship to the point they become a paid customer.

(If you want to become a paid customer of mine…you are more than welcome!  My RECIPES PAGE here will get you on the fast track to efficiency, personal branding, and sales success!)

Back to the luncheon.  If only half the hands went up, then that’s an opportunity for you to have a valuable reason to meet with the 50% of your clients that don’t have one.

Be the hero and suggest to them they begin to consider implementing a content marketing strategy.

When they ask you what it should be around start with these tips:

  1. Pick one platform to start.  Written form, audio, video, etc.
  2. It’s all about valuable storytelling.  What is something that makes their business different and stand out?  That people would care to know about?  Tell that story.
  3. Make it fun and engaging and push the content envelope a bit.

Everyone can have a blog that is “fine.” But challenge your client to not be “fine” but rather “great!”

And as for you…what’s your content marketing strategy?

Hopefully you practice what you preach.  Ask yourself those same questions.  It’s far less than 50% of media sales people that have a content marketing strategy for themselves so you’d be truly creating separation from others in the industry.

Share this if you LOVED it, comment below if you have thoughts or questions, and I want to say THANKS for being here!

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