The Difference between Marketing and Advertising

Do you want to truly separate the work you do in the media sales world?

And if you are stumbling upon this blog as an entrepreneur (you are an entrepreneur if you are in the media sales world as well!) do you want to be authentic and different?

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Beyond a personal brand a lot of media sales reps (myself included) that are in advertising also want to or claim to be in marketing.

However marketing is not advertising and advertising is not marketing.
(Well duh Mike thanks for the intel homesplice.)

You can be in advertising AND marketing but there are some key differentiation points.

I’m going to share a few in hopes that you can dominate both because when you do that is when you make more money, have more fun, and help more people.  

Who is not down with that?!

  • Advertising involves placing a schedule on a specific platform or medium.
  • Marketing involves once you place that schedule having a story behind what you are going to say on that platform or medium so that it has value and people are excited about it.
  • Advertising is an opportunity.
  • Marketing is taking advantage of that opportunity you have.
  • Advertising is making things “fine.”
  • Marketing is making them “great.”
  • Advertising is the process of creating exposure and getting leads.
  • Marketing is the process of then speaking with those leads and nurturing them in such a way that you create a long lasting valuable relationship with them.
  • Advertising is presenting problems.
  • Marketing is solving the problem after it has been presented.
  • Advertising is thinking about how to offer happiness.
  • Marketing is delivering that happiness.

Those are just a few of the differences.  Both are great, but they become stronger when used in combination of each other as I’m sure you can see above.

If you want to truly combine these two I’d suggest the Personal Branding Recipe HERE.  It will pay for itself after one appointment.

That’s some of the differences between advertising and marketing.

Do you have any additions?  Throw them in the comments section!  

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