The Sales Secret Sauce

I was talking with a friend and co-worker the other day if there was the opportunity to train an individual we both had in mind for a sales position and role.

The more we spoke about it the more I realized that individual is already in sales; they just need to be “coached” into the fact that they are good at sales.

Sometimes we just get to tell a person that YES you can do it and YES you are already doing it.  

How do you know if someone is already decent at sales and if you can coach them into having this confidence to be in a sales role?  It's not as tough as turning a rock into a business person like in the picture above!

Welcome to the Marketing Fun With Mike Sales Secret Sauce!

  1. They solve problems each day on the job.
  2. Aspirations to be innovators and ability to think on the fly.
  3. Self starters that don’t have to be told what to do all of the time.
  4. Delivering happiness to their clients and company is a top priority.
  5. Learning is something that is wanted and comes easy when applied.
  6. Egos won’t get inflated when sales start to happen.
  7. Complacency is a non issue.
  8. Ability to make less base money and more on “commissions” and results.

If an individual has this secret sauce I believe you can mix it up and get them going in a sales role in no time.

It also doesn’t mean that if they are short or lacking in one of these that it’s not possible but if all of these elements are present then it’s time to get them on the phones and in front of clients as much as possible!

What do you think?  Any additions?

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