Not as it seems

Santa Claus doesn’t show up as a jolly guy kicking back with a few beers, especially in the month of December with everything on his plate!

But sometimes it is not as it seems.

We get to challenge ourselves and see what we can do in our careers that most would believe it wouldn’t seem possible to do.

When we stretch ourselves and do what seems not likely, against the norm, and possibly not attempted before is when we see growth.

Freedom to do work that you love I believe comes from a constant push on the edges and towards innovation and value.

When you push on those fringes you will be told time and time again that it doesn’t seem like it’s going to work out if you head down that path.

The people telling you that more than likely have never been down that path.  The ones that have will tell you they failed and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  They’ll be headed down the path again with you.

If things are showing up in a way that seems strange and risky you are probably headed in the right direction.  No promises of it being a smooth ride but it’s one that will lead to growth and possibly freedom in your career to do work that you truly want to do and that will make a BIG and impactful difference in the world.

Who is up for that??  I know I am!

Get started in journey towards this kind of work and a fresh approach to 2017 with my Efficiency Recipe HERE.  You will have more time to do work you love.  It’s my personal guarantee if you follow and implement it.

Or more time to drink beer with Santa.  Whatever you prefer!

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