The Way You Do Anything

Is the way you do everything.

What does that really mean?

It nails down that how we show up to walk a dog, make a cold call, write a report, make the pot of coffee in the office, write a book, love your family, and live your life is also the way in which you show up to do everything in your life.

The picture above is an appetizer my wife made for Thanksgiving.  She could have just bought a mundane veggie platter from the store.  Instead she made bacon, parsley, almond shaving cheese balls stuffed with a pretzel stick. #FancyAppetizers

That’s because the way you do anything is the way you do everything.

I tell the kids that I coach when they show up at basketball practice that if they practice hard they will play hard in the game too.

And vice versa.

Then I say “Remember guys…the way you do anything is the…”

That’s mainly when one of them cuts me off and says the rest with a roll of the eyes and a shoulder shrug!

This one sentence has taught me so much in life and made me go full tilt in activities and routines that I would have formally “day dreamed” through.

It makes life more fun, fulfilling, and energizing.  Positive results will occur should you undertake this mindset.

Are you frustrated about a lack of success with cold calling?

Do you want to run faster on race day?

Is writers block still happening for your latest book?

These are the simple things that hold us up every day.  I believe it’s partly because we treat them like “routines”, “chores”, or “tasks.”

If everything is taken as an important ALL IN ritual…then maybe breakthroughs will occur.

And when that happens…the way you do anything is the way you do everything starts showing up in powerful and empowering ways.

What do you think about this theory??  Get more empowerment HERE.

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