Come On Now Everybody

This many bananas were available after the Columbus Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  They were free to people and you ALSO got a pumpkin pie.

All for going out on a wonderful run on a holiday.  

How good do we have it?!?!?!  I’m grateful and humbled by what I get to do and live within every day.

My beliefs are not your beliefs are not someone else’s beliefs are not anyone else’s beliefs.

I understand and respect that.

We are all different yet very much the same.  That I also believe and hope we can all understand and respect.

In the country I live in however…and if you are reading this and live elsewhere apply to where you live…I think it’s time to come together like John Lennon said.

The country that gives out bananas like they are going out of style has everything at its fingertips.

Come on now everybody let’s figure out how to put aside our differences because we are stronger together than we are divided.

There’s no place for hate and inequality in a country filled with freedom.

Why do I believe this and encourage you to consider the same notion?

“Nobody wins unless everybody wins.” - Bruce Springsteen and the Harvard Business College.

Let’s win together. One people, one country, one world, one species.

In case you were expecting a business blog post today…well…apply this same concept and mindset to professional work and you’ll achieve the same goal in business that I’m hoping we can achieve together.

Let’s all get to work and have some fun while doing it.  The free bananas will prevent our cramps from this hard work.

Empower the heck out of yourself HERE.

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