What's your 2017 story?

This time next year what do you want to be remembered for in the work that you did?

How would you want to be described?

Is there a way in which you want to feel?

Something specific you get to go out and attempt to accomplish?

Where do you want to go and what do you want to do?  Mileage numbers from Boulder, Colorado above to help you out!

So much can be done in one year.  Let 2017 be your year.  Set yourself up to tell that story better than it’s ever been told before.


-Declare your vision.

-Acknowledge what worked and what didn’t work for 2016

-Commit to what you want to do.  

-Stretch yourself as much as possible.

-Start taking reasonable action on them!

My vision is to impact each individual I come in contact with in an open hearted and fun way.

If that happens my hope is the world will be a better place.

More on what worked/didn’t work and rest of my story soon!

Share yours below in the comments and get empowered to do it HERE!

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