Setting Yourself Up

Do you know how much fun it is to ride your bike on a consistent basis to places that you used to drive a car?

I lived that for years.  My mountain bike was stowed down the narrow stairs into the basement and it was a pain and hassle (in my first world problems vision) to get the bike out.

Then I bought this awesome bike hanger that is in our kitchen. (Thank you to Jill for allowing the beautiful decor to be there 24/7 365.)

Now I ride my bike everywhere.  It’s as easy to take off the bike rack as it looks like in the picture and to get it outside is easy and fun.

I ride everywhere I can and year round. (Having the sensation of “cold” on my body is kind of fun!)

I set myself up for success to ride my bike more.

That’s what we get to do in our business careers.

How can you set yourself up for more success as a business owner or a career in sales & marketing?

If you actually like your job but your commute puts you in a crappy mood and you are lazy in the mornings as a result figure out if you can work flex hours or get there early and read a book/hit a nearby gym.  Then your commute won’t affect your job and work ethic.

If sales comes easy but putting together your cold calling script doesn’t work in the late afternoon when your brain is fried then make sure you type it out first thing in the morning when you are fresh.

If you won’t go to the gym after you get home from work pack your gym clothes and go straight there.

If you will only write your blog first thing in the morning then make sure you block off your calendar to have the time to do it first thing in the morning! (That is me for sure!)

When we set ourselves up for success we prevent results that are hindered by obstacles.

It can be easy as moving a bike from the basement to the kitchen.

What is showing up for you that is preventing your success that gets to be moved from your “basement” to the “top level?”

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