Connection Selling

I have a new found love for connecting people.  I used to do it but honestly I had selfish thoughts in my head.

“Ohhhh I’ll probably get some business as a result of this.”

“They’ll help me since I helped them.”

“I wonder when this will be coming back full circle for me.”

Then I went through a multitude of development and growth and realized that I authentically enjoy connecting people.

Without having any “skin in the game” for why I am doing it.

The one think that is necessary is there must be a clear value offering for why you are connecting people.  A connection that both people will receive value as a result.

Connection is really about selling other people on each other.  Selling theirs hearts and souls and benefits of linking up, when as adults we might think we have all the friends we need!

When you are out selling your business, product, or whatever it is that you represent if you give your selling process a BIG focus on connecting with people you will win.

Connection selling is less about what you have but rather understanding who they are as a person.  Establishing common interests and connections that go beyond your professional relationship at the moment.

Connection selling establishes trust and the chance to share your authentic voice with that other person.

We hear a lot about “relationship selling” and this definitely has its roots in it.  But relationship selling can stop at the business you both represent when it comes to the depth of what you have in common.

Connection lets you get deeper and go a step further.

Connection is good.  Connection is fun.  Connection is real.

The next time you are out on a call or in a meeting see how weaving connection selling in to your process can offer value and benefit to both you and the party you are working with.

The results might be surprising!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday weekend, rest up and be present to the awesomeness that you are experiencing.

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