From the High Level

It doesn’t matter if you are staring down into the abyss or actually right at sea level.

You can take a look at the work you do from the high level every single day.

My awesome hair stylist has been my hair cutting champion of choice for going on seven years I believe.  I moved out of the neighborhood Jekyll and Hyde is in but I keep going there.

Last week when she was fixing my shaggy mop I told her I needed to re order the shampoo I get from her.

She grabbed it and she said she was going to throw in a “pump” that enables you to conserve the shampoo.

She said “Oh man I bet that kind of goes against your marketing though.  I probably shouldn’t give things away all the time and show customers how to get less of it.”

From the standard commodity level you might agree with her.

However she’s a thriving business that relies on relationships and value.  I told her it’s exactly what she gets to do with her marketing.

From the high level value she is serving her customers with the care and authenticity few expect but all appreciate.

It’s the little things that will keep you going somewhere for almost a decade and across town.

From the high level always know you can never underestimate the good and the love that you can insert into your business.

Even if it costs you a few bucks in the short term.

Thanks for the pump Angie, you won’t regret it!

Want more ways to sell better and build relationships?  HERE you go.  The Sales RECIPE.  

Thank you for reading and being a part of this crew.  If you need support in authentic marketing consulting support and business coaching then I’d love to hear from you

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