Do what works

If something along the lines of the above picture works for you to do good work, then go right ahead and do it.

If you need to be head down, music off, in a shirt and tie, and all serious business then knock yourself out.

More than likely you are somewhere in between.

The bottom line is we get to do what works for us to do good work.

I went to an incredible yoga and wellness retreat that my wonderful client Yoga On High put on last Friday.

One of the sessions was a crash course intro to Ayurveda.  They talk about in Ayurveda how you can look at yourself and figure out what “Dosha” you are.  Based off of that Dosha then it tells you what works and doesn’t necessarily work for you in life.

The concept of forcing yourself to do work a certain way just because that’s the way it is typically done would be going against your natural Dosha.

If your best work happens at a certain time of day, place, or mindset then go to that place time and time again.

If you struggle and can’t seem to get done what needs to be done then scrap it.

9 to 5 does not work for me.  Part of the reason for that is that I have my work than that to do at times.

Part of that is because I have basketball practice for the kids I coach at 430 sometimes, lunch yoga sessions or runs at times, and an overall lack of desire to ever sit in a commute again.

It doesn’t work for me.  

Too often we attempt to force yourselves as pegs into square holes.  When we try that it won’t work for you, your clients, or the company you work for.

I get that we aren’t all in a position to edit or change our hours/procedures 100% on a whim.

But what we do have the opportunity to do is learn and understand how, when, where, and why we do our best work and figure out a way to do that way more often.

Do what works.  Everyone will win.

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