Putting in the extra time

I was in Colorado last week and I asked the caretaker of the condo we were staying at in Boulder where a good place within walking distance to practice yoga was.

He let me know that there was an outdoor and adventure based apparel store that did free yoga every single day.

Free yoga?  From an apparel store?

The caretaker was not BS’ing.  Prana in Boulder not only brings in a certified yoga teacher once a day to teach a free class in their basement, you also can purchase one item after class at 25% off in the store.

Prana is putting in the extra time to connect with their customers.

A mexican restaurant opens literally just its doors right down the street from Prana in Boulder and serves breakfast burritos to go along with coffee each morning for just five dollars.

The burritos are all made with organic ingredients as well.  With the surge in construction and building in the area Centro found it to be an opportunity to show the workers/students in the morning a great breakfast that they break even on but hopefully the people will rejoin them for lunch or dinner.

Centro is putting in the extra time to connect with their customers.

Key’s Red Hook in Estes Park Colorado offers guided hiking trips out of their fishing stores and free consultations on what to take on your next hike so you are fully prepared.

Key’s is putting in the extra time to connect with their customers.

Often times businesses find it easy and suitable to complain about how hard business is and the up and down struggles of work.

They also say how tough it is to keep up with the ever changing marketing shifts in how to correctly market a business.

Marketing isn’t rocket science.  Sometimes, most of the time actually, marketing is about putting in the extra time to connect with your customers.

Then the marketing handles itself after you are done putting in the extra time.

What do you think?  Have you been putting in the extra time?  Does it help when you do?

Thank you for reading and being a part of the crew!  If you don’t believe you have the extra time to put in go ahead and get it by purchasing a copy of my Efficiency Recipe program HERE!

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