Debunking Myths

Myths are debunked every single day.

Innovations that are said to be impossible to ever come to fruition happen.

Old men who should have no business climbing a mountain reach a summit.

Business owners are told they should never open their doors because they will fail wind up becoming huge successes.

Individuals who are told to prepare for death don’t die.

Kids that are taught that something is impossible wind up making it possible.

The list could go on and on.  Maybe so many myths wouldn’t be constantly debunked if we wouldn’t concern ourselves with sharing strong but non fact based opinions about what others can and can’t do in this world.

Debunking a myth isn’t news to the individual who debunks it.  

Ali, Edison, Mandela, Theresa, Godin, Lincoln, Obama, Parks, Churchill, Jordan, Franklin, Roosevelt, and Affleck haven’t seemed surprised when what they did raised eyebrows.

They knew all along what they were up to.

The more we can focus on being our most authentic, present, and ALL IN selves the more myths we will debunk but the less surprised we will be each time others are floored that it happened.

What myth do you want to debunk?  

I’d like to invite the whole business world to practice yoga for a week together and see how employees are treated and how employees talk about their superiors.  I believe the stereotypes and egos would fall to the wayside.

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