Business Sucks

Being in sales is a drag.

There’s no way you can have fun when doing marketing.

Personal brands are total BS and don’t work.

They are always cutting my commissions.

Nobody cares if I do good work or not.

The leadership refuses to lead.

There is a complete lack of passion and empathy within our organization.

Well we got to the bottom of why business sucks at the moment.

How can it get better?  

Instead of thinking, acting, or saying out the above maybe it can go like this…

Being in sales is a great opportunity to make huge income jumps each year.

The marketing our company does is not only fun it’s also who we are and really authentic.

My personal brand gives me the chance to connect with new prospects in a totally different way.

If they cut my commissions I’ll get to create a side hustle or sell more.

If I do good work then everybody wins.

I have some ideas for the leaders in how I can help them and the team.

Lack of empathy isn’t personal and lack of passion isn’t on purpose.  Let’s dig deeper.

Mindset is a powerful thing.

Maybe when it flips business won’t actually suck but it will EXTRAORDINARY in all caps.

What are you going to do today to flip one of your pre existing mindsets about your job?

Get the Empowerment video series HERE.  Thanks for reading.  You are a rockstar and that’s from the heart.  A rockstar in their prime too I might add, not a washed up one!

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