Aligning Your Business

What do you want to get out of your life?  

That seems like a personal question and one that would be answered around life goals, family, place to go, and so forth.

But what if you chose to align what you wanted to get out of your life with your career and the business in which you either own or a part of?

Puts a different perspective and twist to the question I believe.

Aligning your business with your life goals gives you the possibility to make sweeping change and chase down your vision all day long.  Instead of just Saturday and Sunday.  Instead of being stuck in a canyon with a mystery exit like in the picture above.

It also allows you the chance to fight more for what you believe in.

If you work for a company or represent something in your professional career that doesn’t actually align with your personal vision I have news for you.

It won’t serve you and it will show up in your work.

Getting rid of smoking in this world doesn’t jive with getting a paycheck from Phillip Morris.

Striking down the water epidemic in Flint wouldn’t have translated well with working in the government offices of one of the people who repeatedly denied anything was wrong when citizens were concerned.

The reason people often wind up disgruntled with the work they do I believe has a lot to do with a lack of aligning their business goals with their personal vision.

This is not a place to tell you what to do.  But it is a blog about opportunities and curiosity for how you do work in this world.

Take a moment to consider if you are aligning your business with what you want to get out of your life.

If you aren’t today is a good day to start.

The benefits are too long to list!

Thank you for reading and being a part of the crew who believes marketing can be fun and authentic and sales doesn’t have to be a sleazy word.

If you want more of this good stuff and want to put a little bit into my unborn child’s college education then head HERE to grab one of my Recipes that will vault your work game up a level.

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