The Secret Society

My wife and I are firmly convinced that there is a secret society in this world.

It’s a group of people who have fun every day, love their work, practice gratitude, laugh often, love with open hearts, make lots of money, are healthy, and give most of their money away.

You think I’m joking right??

Nah.  I’m serious!

It’s not just the “work from the beach on your laptop and make millions of dollars” group either. Though some of them are members.

Want to join the secret society?  Yeah I know.  I do too!

The good news is they give away all of their secrets and honestly want everyone in the world to enjoy life as much as them and tell them how to join.

From my unscientific research on this secret society I have found the following 10 similarities:

  1. Not worried about pleasing everyone
  2. Are bold innovators
  3. Give and never take
  4. Love either Yoga, Toastmasters, or eating clean.  One of them for sure, some like all three!
  5. Practice gratitude and meditation
  6. Would prefer writing and reading over watching TV
  7. Love dancing
  8. Don’t drink heavily
  9. Are open minded to all ways of life
  10. Embrace peace on Earth and believe it’s possible.

There’s probably a lot more similarities but I’ve seen people who are part of this “secret society” dance through life and others complain and struggle.

It’s not based on income either.  The secret society has members on the poverty line and also in the one percent.

It’s a lifestyle decision.

Anyone want to join?  I’m leaning towards applying for membership! #FingersCrossed

What’s the point of this blog post?  Well beyond letting you know about the secret society is the fact that we get to choose how we work every day.  Choose passion.  Choose excitement.  Embrace fear and challenges.  Thrive instead of Survive.  Always go for it!

Thanks for reading and being a part of this crew!  Don’t think you have time to join this secret society?  Purchase my Efficiency Recipe HERE and you’ll literally cut your work day down by 25% guaranteed!

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