Giving and Sacrificing

When attending Next Level’s Breakthrough Leadership Training last weekend I had a thought of understanding and learning the difference between giving and sacrificing.

How can it relate to business?

When you give you feel as though it’s a win win transaction.

When you sacrifice you feel like you are being taken from.

Giving in sales is not about giving away your product for free.  But rather it is all about giving 110% of your attention and service when you are meeting with a client, working on a project for them, or whatever details pertain to that particular client.

You give them more than they could ever expect.

Sacrificing in sales is when all of the sudden you are dreading going on that appointment, or the knowledge that you are being taken advantage of, or possibly the realization that you have no interest at all in working with this particular client or in this industry.

Giving versus sacrificing can be easy as a mindset switch.


Sometimes it involves you taking a look at what you authentically want to represent and ensuring that is what you are doing at the moment.

If you aren’t authentically representing something everything will feel like a sacrifice instead of a gift you are bestowing upon people and it will eventually burn you out.

Don’t be afraid to find a pivot to move from sacrificing to giving.  It might mean a new mindset, new job, or shift in positions.

Neil Young said it’s “Better to burn out than fade away” but when you always feel like you are giving you probably won’t do either.  Rather you will build out and continue your summit climb.

Do you feel like you are giving or sacrificing?  

What do you plan to do in your sales career to get to a point of giving instead of sacrificing?

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