Just a Lot of Ideas

My wife said to me last night that it seems like marketing now is almost “just a lot of ideas” that you brainstorm and work on and come up with a plan.
Honestly…she’s right on!

But for those of you trying to develop yourselves personally, trying to grow your career, running a business, or of course anyone in the sales and marketing field it means a lot when you really get down to it.

Why is it important to brainstorm all these ideas and come up with a plan?
Here are three reasons…

1) It helps create the identity of what you are doing to the outside world.  Every business and brand is marketing themselves 24/7.  They might be doing it by the type of people they hire, what they tweet, or the products they build.  But it is happening all of the time and constantly evolving.  Without the best ideas and constant evolution you might wind up getting stuck with a bland instead of a brand. Click to Tweet!

2) Without brainstorming all those ideas and coming up with a strategy and plan there’s no emotion and feeling behind what is happening.  People can see through that.  How Charity Water makes you feel with an email newsletter is vastly different than the way a car dealer who just talks about prices and interest rates on their TV spot.  When there’s real caring and emotion behind it people can feel it and begin to “come along for the ride.” (Auto dealers have the ability to do this as well I might add.)

3) Failure is going to happen.  I have two books HERE but had many more ideas for others. The best ideas are going to flop and even more are going to go unnoticed.  Critics are at least talking about you, but when the crickets are chirping that’s a truly humbling experience.  But without that failure and going through the process you will never reach the ones that are game changers.  The ones that make people feel something and excited about what you are doing.

Here’s to the crazy ones like you…time to make it happen…and remember you aren’t alone…just watch and remind yourself HERE!

Start brainstorming a lot of ideas and start implementing that feeling in your life and career that you love to feel from a business or brand.

Do you need help with that?  I’m available for Grill Out Consulting Sessions to help small to midsize businesses and individuals further their lives and careers!  Email me mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com for more info.

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