Time to Think

I had the opportunity to think last week.  I was out West with two friends and we did lots of hiking, white water rafting, and other activities that lent its way towards either sitting on the water or walking on a trail.

For extended periods of time.
I’m talking extended periods of time.

It allowed the time to think.
To think about what’s important in life.
To think about new ideas to possibly implement.
To think about all the things I’m grateful for but often take for granted.
To think about the beauty of the world.
To think about the present move instead of trying to predict the future move or learn from the past move.

Technology, electricity, and lots of other distractions were removed and it gave the perfect chance to actually think.

Give yourself time to think every single day.  

Honestly it might be the most important thing we can do.
On the airplane home I was re reading Thrive by Arianna Huffington and she says it a lot better than I.
Grab a copy of her book from the local bookstore or the library and dig in…

But I’ll give you the encouragement to think every day and also the push to at least once a year remove all of those distractions in your life that keep you from being able to think.

Are you ready to take some action?
Take ten minutes today to just sit back and think.  Don’t let your mind wander but think intently about what comes to your mind.  Rinse and repeat and I think you’ll be excited and surprised at the results!

Thank you for getting down to the bottom and for checking out this post.
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