More Trouble than it's Worth: Building Stewards with REI

Connecting with customers in a way we never thought we would have to is a required part of any passionate marketing strategy.

From a social media marketing standpoint it requires listening and responding to people.
From a content marketing standpoint it requires the curation of valuable concepts related to your business people will expect for “free.”  (I use quotes because there is money involved in the creation of a future sale but the current content is free.)
Finally from an overall passionate marketing strategy it requires taking care and getting to know a customer like never before.  Offline and/or Online.

Is all of that possible? Absolutely.
Do most businesses like to do that?  No not particularly.  The short term sale is more concerning to them and it’s hard for them to see the long term gains when it comes to passionate marketing.
Those people and businesses chalk it off as “It’s all more trouble than it’s worth.”

And there’s nothing wrong with that.  Because it gives companies like REI the chance to practice these philosophies, love what they are doing, and clean up all the business they care for.

REI is building stewards one by one.  
What is a steward?
In my opinion it’s an ambassador, raving fan, influencer, or just could be called an old fashioned customer.

Last night my wife and I went and attended a FREE workshop on Wilderness Survival at the REI at Easton in Columbus.
(The class was free because I am an REI member.  Which required a once in my life fee of $20.00 and I receive classes like this for free and a 10% dividend on all my purchases each year.  For the rest of my life.)

Not only do they have this awesome membership and then put on incredible classes like the one last night in which Matt the workshop leader gave my wife and I 10 must have’s on every wilderness trip, how many hours we can go without water, food, in bad weather, etc but then they gave us free stuff afterwards!

They gave us these comfy REI Stewards shirts above, an REI 20% off coupon for a one time purchase, and a handout summarizing our workshop.

All of these marketing strategies (the membership, the classes, the T Shirts) could be “More Trouble than it’s Worth”.
Instead REI views it as an incredible opportunity and practice their passionate marketing strategy and let us develop into stewards of their brand.

We shop at REI.  I tell my friends and anyone listening to shop at REI.  That’s not going to change anytime soon.  (Not to mention they donated five million dollars to improve trails in the country this year.  I won't even get into that awesome project today.)

Is an annual dividend, a few classes, and a T shirt “more trouble than it’s worth?”
The answer in my eyes and in REI’s is NO.  It’s part of a sound marketing strategy and business plan.
Their business is booming.

When you start to think things are “more trouble than it’s worth” it’s probably time to start pivoting and think about what you would actually be passionate about doing instead.

Because when you are passionate about what you are doing everything is worth the trouble.

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