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The Personal Branding Recipe will be ready for you by the end of October! (If you haven’t had the chance to pick up a copy of the Efficiency Recipe grab one HERE today to get the hours back in your life that you deserve.)

I’m excited about the Personal Branding Recipe because I know what it has done for so many people in their lives. Today I’m going to share with you a sneak preview and excerpt from it, consider this the start of something special for you.

If you want to be the first person to know when it’s available email Subject Line “PB Recipe” and I’ll make sure you get added to the list for the special pricing.

Personal Branding Recipe Introduction

BRAND. The most unexplainable word in the business dictionary.
What is it and what does it mean?
It seems that it means something different to everyone you ask.  

(Google the definition of brand and read the varying definitions and opinions of what it is if you don't believe me.)

Then throw in the word Personal in front of Brand and the waters get murkier. This confusion is okay though because the Personal Branding Recipe is your ticket to forget about definitions and terminologies and to just focus on building something remarkable.

The purpose of this recipe is to hone in on creating a personal brand for you, which is building an online and offline story around your career and life that separates you from everyone else in the world.

It will help you get more business, have more fun, and take the control in your career and life that most people simply dream about.

What does a personal brand mean?

For your purpose it means doing something truly incredible in this world, making vibrations in the Earth that will be felt everywhere you go, and doing it all in your own positive way!

Why am I the person to help you build this?

Hot dogs and passionate marketing that's why.  I've been able to build a personal brand of my own around hot dogs and marketing.  If I can do it around hot dogs you can do it around anything you want.

I've been at the bottom, the first rung, taking the first step towards building a personal brand.  I know what it feels like, how daunting of a task it may seem, but I'm here to go on the journey with you and make it as easy, fun, and special of a process as it can be.

It's my goal in this recipe to give you the actionable steps necessary for you to build your own personal brand.  You will have built a personal brand by the time you are done with this recipe.  Then your journey of where it goes truly begins.

By the time you are done with the steps in this recipe you will see that it was very easy to build a cooler personal brand than one around hot dogs!

You will officially be a Personal Branding Extraordinaire!
Let's get started…your ability to do something different than everyone else in the world awaits. Why waste a second delaying an opportunity like that?!

I’m Mike Rudd, aka Marketing Fun With Mike, and this is the recipe “Become a Personal Branding Extraordinaire!”
The Personal Branding Recipes provides you with 21 Toppings that will give YOU control in your career, make YOU different than everyone else in your industry (and on planet Earth!), and help you live the life you want and deserve.

I hope this introduction gets you excited!  Once again it will be out towards the end of October and if you want first access and VIP pricing email Subject Line “PB Recipe.”
Thanks always for being here and reading today.

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