How to be Different

Dressing up in a hot dog costume, dying your hair purple and pink, or running around your neighborhood blasting LL Cool J and singing along at the top of your lungs all are ways to be a little different.

But today we are talking about it from a professional sense.
I am finishing up the 2nd Marketing Fun With Mike Recipe.  The first one, the Efficiency Recipe, is available for purchase HERE and is designed to give you 14 hours back in your life to live the life you want and deserve.  Not once but week after week after week forever.
If you are stressed, bogged down, or would frankly just like to be more productive it is for you.  All my case studies and feedback from others who got it has been outstanding.  It’s an online program and you get the whole package delivered to your email in a zip file upon the $29.00 purchase.

Back to the 2nd recipe.  This one is about Personal Branding.
What is a Personal Brand? It’s your professional identity that makes you different than everyone else in your industry.
Why should you consider building a personal brand? You don’t have to wait for my recipe to be out to do it.  You should build one because it gives you more control in your career and the opportunity to take something with you should you leave your job.

Here are more three reasons to consider building a personal brand.
1) Freedom.  It will give you more freedom to grow as a person and the freedom within your career to be more choosy about who you work for.
2) New skills.  You will hone and learn new skills such as website development, writing, speaking, or even something like horseshoes depending on where your brand goes.  It’s always good to have new skills.
3) Non transferable.  Those words go away.  It doesn’t matter who you work for and what you are doing.  You take that personal brand with you.  It is fully transferable.

In a world where a lot of careers get thrown into upheaval on a whim having a personal brand that goes with you is very valuable and definitely a difference maker in the “resume stack.”

Plus it might turn into your own business down the road like it did for me!

Take some action and consider the thought if you want more control over your career and if you are interested in being different from everyone else for the good of your career.
If so a personal brand might be for you.  
It will be easy to get but make sure you email if you want to be the first to know about it and get the best pricing.  Subject line “PB Recipe!”

Thanks for being here, reading, sharing, and caring.  Both of my books are available HERE.

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