Our Attention Spans

This morning while doing my morning yoga workout (harder than you think gentlemen!) I listened to a great podcast from Mark Schaefer.  You can check it out HERE.

Mark and his co host Tom always inject humor into their topical and valuable business insights and feedback but they said something today that really got to the heart of my hot dog stand!

Tom commented that at a recent conference he spoke at a lady asked how to do content marketing that people care about with our ever shortening attention spans.
Tom made a great reference to the podcast “Serial” and asked how many people listened to that and still binged watch TV shows and sports like the NFL.
He made the point that our filters are better for crap, there’s a ton of great content out there so people can be picky, and it’s more the fact that people still consume content they love for hours on end.
It just has to be better and more unique than ever.

The point I want to drive home goes back to my core philosophy of passionate marketing.  People don’t have to put up with crap anymore.
They don’t have to deal with services that don’t tap into their passions and emotions and offer them value in their life.
There’s another side to every story and we have all the information necessary to see that other side.

The good news is the more we can pay attention and truly listen to people the more opportunity we have to create something of value for them.
That’s what passionate marketing is all about.  Being so passionate about helping your customers or prospects that your entire business mission statement revolves around having empathy for them, solving their problems, and delivering happiness in whatever way you can.

I’ll ask you since we are on the topic.
Is there anything you’d like to hear more about on these blog posts?
My core mission is to provide passionate living and passionate business concepts, ideas, and advice that will enable you to live the life you want and deserve.

That can get a little broad but if there’s stuff you have seen here recently you’d like to see more of please let me know!  I’m at mike@MarketingFunWithMike.com anytime you want to chat.
Or leave a comment below to start a conversation with others on a topic you want more of!

Thanks for being here always.  Books are HERE and the Efficiency Recipe is HERE.

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