The Power of Relationships

What do you remember after a long day?

Is it the gas mileage your car gets?
How many goals your kid scored in soccer?
The amount of calories you burned at your workout?
The number of meetings it took to accomplish that work project?
How much money is in your bank account?

You might think that’s where your mind wanders but if you were asked about those questions you probably don’t have answers or passionate emotions that are evoked because of those questions.

That is the beauty and the power of relationships.  They are invaluable and supremely underrated in life.

What you might remember about a long day though is…
The funny story your significant other told you in the car.
The joy on your child’s face when playing outside with his friends.
Who you got to spot you in the gym or be your running partner on your lunch break jog.
That hilariously inappropriate joke by the co worker during your meeting that gave a little injection of life into the project.
The happy times that having a little bit of extra money enables us to have in life because we get it to spend on being with others we love and give it to others we care about that need our help.

The only thing that goes with us is our relationships.  Everything else is dust.

Treasure them in every facet of your life.

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