Metrics that Matter

The digital era and what the future holds has all of our answers.
That is what it seemed like at least…

We were going to be able to measure everything.  Now we understand how many steps we take every day, down to the tenth of a mile how much gas is left in our tank, and we were also going to have all the answers for what our customers wanted and how to reach them.

Our customers and potential prospects of businesses were going to be targeted down to the square mile and sent messages that they cared about and wanted to receive.
They were then going to react to our messages in the way we thought and there would be no more clutter.

We forgot one thing in this progress and our digital data gathering: People are still humans and they change and evolve.
We won’t be able to figure out everything about an individual because they don’t even know everything about themselves.

The computers, bots, and data gatherers took us to a certain point but now I think we need to understand the amazing technologies we have and from there focus on something new…

What are metrics that matter? 
The core scales that you can size to take a look at how your business is performing from a digital sector and hone in on them.

What do metrics that matter look and feel like?
They look at sales.  They look at cost of sales.
They look at leads.  They look at the cost for those leads.
They look at your messaging.  Does it look and feel like a human.
They look at your missions.  Do your missions align with what is happening every day.
Finally they focus less on figuring out everything about your customers because of big data and instead they try to listen to your customers every day and get to know them as people. 
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How do you come up with your own metrics?  By first deciding what is important.
For myself for instance on this blog.  My metrics are number of shares/interactions, number of unique readers, and number of people who sign up for the newsletter.
That’s it.  If those continue to increase and I continue to get to know my readers I think everything else will work itself out.

Take action and figure out two metrics that matter for your career!  If you don’t have the time to do this you might want to consider a copy of the Efficiency Recipe HERE!

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