Modeling Behavior

This one will be straight to the point…thanks for being here today!

There are always improvements that we are striving for in life.
Getting in better shape, a raise or promotion, saving money for a trip, training for something, etc.

When we strive to reach those improvements there will be setbacks, in fact the higher we try to go the higher likelihood of failure.
But that’s okay because failure teaches us more than success. Click to Tweet!

One major way I have been able to channel these goals and improvements is by modeling my behavior of those around me who have the character, attitude, and work ethic that I align with.

If there is one thing I would recommend to myself to continue doing and for you to implement when trying to reach hard to obtain goals it is modeling your behavior.

Write out a list of five people or concepts out there and pin to that refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or bedtime stand.

Need an example?
If my goal is to train and run a marathon here’s a list of five to model my behavior after.

1) Scott Jurek.  The ultra marathoning clean eater who just set the record for the fastest to complete the Appalachian Trail. (2,000 plus miles!)
2) The friend who is training as well that has young kids and a desk job so they do their training at 4am.  I have always one of those friends around.  Do you have the time? You will if you get the Efficiency Recipe HERE!
3) My brother.  He literally chose to be a runner and then transformed himself into an elite one.  Mindset is a powerful thing.
4) Born to Run.  Reading that book and modeling behavior from those in it will set you on your course.  I promise.
5) Google Image “Marathon Runners with one leg” and read some of their incredible stories.  If they can do it so can you.

Of course you can join a runners club, find other inspirational stories, follow a training guide, and eat well.
But when you choose a limited number of something (in this case FIVE) you get to truly work yourself towards these people and concepts.
You’ll find your goals aren’t that hard to achieve after all.

This behavior model of five can be applied to anything, personally or professionally, in your life.
Take action and give it a try on a goal of yours!  If you need help coming up with your five email with your goal and I can offer ideas.

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