The Case for Action

It’s an important question to ask and consider.

What is the case for action?
If you were to be more direct it boils down to
“Why should my customer or prospect care about what we are saying or doing and take action on what I am telling them?”

There needs to be a fire in their belly that says it is time and this needs to happen.
The case for the action needs to be clear and people need to understand the benefit and the value of what they will be receiving.  Whether it is a tangible benefit or not is up to the business and does not matter.

Who does a great job at making a case for action?

1) Non Profits who are able to ask people for money for a specific reason during the year other than to “get a tax write off at the end of the year.”  Doctors without Borders, A Kid Again, and The American Red Cross are good examples of places making the case for action.

2) Whole Foods.  Instead of just talking about the latest coupons and deals Whole Foods tells you about the power of their food and products and how if you come in you will have access to it…which if you want to live a healthy life you need both now and always.

3) Businesses about to sell out of something.  This is scarcity at its finest.  Concerts that are close to sell out like I’m sure the Paul McCartney tour will do, a radio station like the one I used to work at during OSU Football season because once the available radio spots were gone…they were gone, and a seminar by Tony Robbins or an event like the World Domination Summit that has its tickets fly out the door.  The case for action is real when scarcity is abundant.

How do you create a case for action?

1) Make sure your marketing is tapping into the hot dog stands, aka passions, of your prospects and customers and connecting with them.

2) Double check that there is a real meaning and cause behind what you have to tell people about.

3) Talk about how apparent the improvements in their life will be if they take action on it.

For instance I steadfastly believe that anyone who purchase my Efficiency Recipe for $29.00 will save 14 hours per week in their life to do more of the stuff they want.  That’s 730 hours per year.  That is my case for action.  If you want 730 hours given back to you in 2016 then purchase a copy HERE today!

Will every company or individual come up with a true case for action? Nope!
But we aren’t worried about them.  The only person that matters is you.  Right here Right now.
Look over whatever the next thing you or your company will be announcing to the world.  It doesn’t have to be a product.  A press release, a new website, etc.  All of those can have a case for action.
Put your stamp on it and have that action ready to be delivered!

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