The Power of the River

“The Mountains are calling and I must go.” —John Muir

That is my go to outdoor quote to get me fired up before turning myself over to nature, for a few hours on a hike or on a longer trip like the one I was so fortunate to have just taken.

But while the mountains are always calling there is something about the power of the river that calls people as well.

Two weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to spend five days with two close friends and a group of 13 other strangers (at the time) and four river guides underneath the stars and on the Colorado River inside Grand Canyon National Park.

I’ll make a bold statement…
It is the best trip you can take in North America.

There is nothing that can compare to it in my eyes.  Because it is beyond just being outside or unplugging from society for a few days.
The power of the river is strong.  It is almost calling you to rise each morning and to sit beside it in the evening.

The hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (which is much HARDER than you would think) was one of the most beautiful and inspiring hikes I have ever been on.

Then it was up to yourself, those around you, and the canyon to entertain you for the next five days.  Tough hiking, roaring rapids, second to none real food, jaw dropping sunsets, early morning coffee, The Milky Way (not the candy bar!), powerful waterfalls, tight slot canyons, big lizards, pure laughter, and the calming nature and power of the river.

You name it…that trip through the Canyon has it.
We went with Grand Canyon White Water and they have trips of all shapes and sizes and were an outstanding outfit.

You don’t think you have the time to make a trip like this happen??  I’d be remiss to not mention that a copy of my Efficiency Recipe (Option A for just $29.00) will get you that time to make this happen.

Going on trips like this remind you what’s important in life, have the ability to change you, make you truly grateful, and one helluva way to live passionately.

If you want to have be passionate in your career it helps to be passionate in your life.  And letting the power of the river overtake you and go on a trip like this is a great way to do it!
Whatever your interests are make the time to let the power of a trip overtake you later this year.  You, those close to you, and your career won’t regret it and will all benefit in the end.

And if you honestly don’t think you have the time…you do…make the time with the Efficiency Recipe!

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