Passionate Language Coming Alive

“I have a Dream!”
“I’m hoping one day something might change, fingers crossed. But we’ll see what happens and take it from there.  Sound good everyone?”

I don’t know how else MLK Jr thought about crafting that speech but I can’t think of a more passionate or inspiring way to have said that history changing line.

Passionate Language or lack thereof can build up or tear down a product launch, social media marketing strategy, life growth seminar, or any other facet of a business.

The best in the business when it comes to inspiring movements (MLK, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Mother Theresa just to name a few) all nailed down that passionate language and perfected it.

One of the most underrated ways you can improve what you are doing is by considering how you are saying it. Click to Tweet!

One of the most important pillars of having passionate marketing in your business is having that passionate copy and language to go with it.  I’ll actually be live tonight Tuesday September 15th, 2015 at 7pm on with my friends Don The Idea Guy and Tom Brewer to dig in on this topic with anyone who wants to join us!  The replay will be at as well if you find this post later.

How can you ensure that passionate language is being incorporated in all that you do to create the highest level of excitement and action to move your customers and potential customers?

1) Use the KISS Model.  Keep It Simple Stupid.  
2) Are you inspired when you read what has been written?  My Efficiency Recipe that you can get HERE isn’t just a PDF.  It’s a program that will enable you to have the time to live the life you want and deserve.  I don’t think just saying “Buy this PDF and Video” would inspire many people.
3) Talk with people instead of at them.  Treat them like the humans that they are.
4) Too Much is Too Much.  Too Little is Just Right.
5) Avoid buzzwords and cliches.  Think of the solution you are trying to offer and the problem you are attempting to solve and work backwards.  When you focus on the problem and the solution instead of the features and design you start talking issues and answers.

Crafting that passionate language into everything you say and do for your career or your business is not easy nor will I pretend to be perfect at it.
But for an action step…next time you need to write or say something look it over and ask some of these five questions and tips above and see what that passionate language can turn it into.

And join us at at 7pm tonight if you feel inspired to dig in more.

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