Walking for Something

The one off event world is an interesting place to be in and the emotions are difficult to explain if you have never been involved in planning one.

But then again…who hasn’t thrown a birthday party or studied for weeks leading up to a one hour test?  And then poof…it’s over before you blink!

That is a good comparison to the one off event.  You work for weeks, months, and even possibly a year for one thing.
You think of every worst case scenario and you stretch your imagination for ways to improve from the previous one.
These are often volunteer supported or even run events and keeping a team of engaged and available volunteers is a never ending process.  People who were staunch supporters one year have something come up the next and you always have to keep your pipeline full of available support as though are in a 100% commission sales job.

The sleep goes away the last few days prior to it and you are out the door the day of as fast as you possibly can.  
Then before you know it…you are home.  The event is over…the ideas you have built on and worked on for all that time have been completed and finished and a sweeping aura of relief, happiness, and possibly questioning of what really just happened sweep over you.
It almost seems surreal when the climax has occurred and the curtains have closed.

My wife works for the Alzheimer’s Association of Central Ohio and yesterday was their biggest fundraiser of the year.  The Columbus Walk to End Alzheimer’s.
Herself, the whole staff, and 190 volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure that the 3,000 or so people who showed up got something out of it.

It was over before we knew it and all those blood, sweat, and tears almost seem like a distant memory less than 24 hours after it ended.
But that is the event world as I said before.

You might be curious if you are deciding to do an event for your business, friends, or build an idea from the ground up if it is worth it?

The only advice I can give you is the feeling you get when it is happening is hard to match in this life.
All of the sudden it all seems to make sense as to why you have been working so much towards that moment.
When I saw 3,000 people out there Walking for Something yesterday it hit me like it does at every event I either put on or volunteer at…yes it is all worth it.
When I saw three kids who gave their Father’s Day present to their Dad with early on set Alzheimer’s to form a fundraising team that eventually become 160 people that raised over $50,000 dollars…yes it is all worth it.
When I saw a ten year old blow by me in the 5k Run in the last 50 yards (a top 10 finish I might add for myself and I was flying!) wearing a shirt honoring his Grandma who doesn’t remember him anymore…yes it is all worth it.
When I saw tears flying to the concrete and people holding hands in the air screaming at the top of their lungs to End Alzheimer’s…yes it is all worth it.

There are hundreds of great causes out there and I know we all can’t possibly donate, create time for, or pay attention to every one.
But choose to walk for something like those people did yesterday.
If you have the ability to tie your business to an organization that is near to your heart then do it.
If you have the opportunity to donate to one…even better.
If you have the fortunate capability to volunteer for one or even start your own event from the ground up to support one…go rock it out!

The feeling you get when you are out there and you see a community coming together and doing something together is hard to match in life.
It’s a healthy addiction.  
People rising up and standing up to try to put an end to something terrible or start something great.
That’s why you should do it.

At the end of the day life is short and few moments can pull emotions like this out of you.
When you are Walking for Something you wind up Walking for Everything in this world. Click to Tweet!

Here’s to a world without Alzheimer’s…and to one where your something is gone or created depending on what it is as well.

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