Being True to Your Customers

When it comes to passionate marketing or having a passionate business it starts with one rule I believe:
Being true to your Customers.

Staying true to them means giving it everything you have.  
It means being honest about who you are, how you can help them, and what you have to offer.
It includes treating them like the humans that they really are.  (And if you own a pet food store or a tree conservation non profit treat those dogs, hamsters, and trees like humans too!)
Also is the fact that you are passionate, bought in, and ready to serve.

Really if you apply all of this to a relationship in your personal life you will be rocking in that world too!

But when you are true to your customers and prospects you treat them like you treat the people important to you in your personal life.

How can you stay true to your customers?
1) Listen to what they are saying and doing.  Not just what you want to sell.
2) Understand from an empathetic standpoint why or why not they are doing what you would hope they would do.
3) Tapping into their passions will make them more passionate about what you are doing.

The lowest price, biggest advertising budget, or most incredible PR can’t offset a business that doesn’t believe being true to what keeps them in business: Their Customers.

Every marketing material, every post, every piece of strategy, every internal document…should scream that passion and that honesty.  I believe my BOOKS can stand the test of time pieces should be able to do that as well.

It can begin with one person or the whole company.  But when it starts it’s hard to slow down and you feel like that rock in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Rolling at a feverish pace down a hill…just try not to squash your customers like that rock tried to do to Harrison Ford.

Instead respect them, listen to them, and nurture them.

Be true to yourself and your customers and you will be successful in this world for a long time!

Do you need help with tapping into your or your customers passions?  I’m available for Grill Out Consulting Sessions to help small to midsize businesses and individuals further their businesses, relationships, and social media/marketing strategies for their prospects and consumers!  Email me at for a free first consultation.

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