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I admit I have apprehensiveness when I hear of the next great “social media platform”.

My Efficiency Recipe (which you can purchase a copy HERE and give yourself back 14 hours per week in your life) has a step in which you are asked to cut the apps on your phone down to 10-20 and remove all notifications from your phone for them.
So trust me when it comes to new apps and platforms I am interested but certainly proceed with caution.

Then my friend Don the Idea Guy told me we had to do a “Blab.” Click to Tweet!
Don is a great friend and mentor and is always ahead of the curve with these types of things so when he does mention it I tend to listen.
Blab is a online live “blabbering” between a group of people on a certain topic that anyone can join in on.
Most (we hit record a few minutes into it) of it is archived on Don’s Blab profile that you can access HERE!

We had a great time and I LOVED the new social platform that he introduced me to.  I’ll still write BOOKS but this was a fun and interactive time that can provide people some real value.

If you don’t have the time right now to watch the archives we talked a lot about how companies need to introduce more passionate marketing into their strategies.  Which is something I have been talking about a lot recently.

Don made the great point that I wanted to hit on today that the goal of a business is to strike up an engaging relationship with a possible customer before they even start to sell or promote something.
One of the best ways to do that we “blabbed” about was to look at your customers “hot dog stand” and try to tap into their passions.

What are the passions of your prospects and customers in your business or the one that you are employed at?
How do you dig into those passions and align them with what you are doing to further excite them in a natural and meaningful way?

It really starts with caring about your customers.  And taking the time to understand them and hear them out.

The hot dog stand theory that I started a long time for individuals seems to be evolving into companies taking that same approach and looking at their customers in the same light.
By trying to engage their passions/hot dog stands and giving them something to talk about and hopefully getting them interested and excited about what they are doing.

Passionate marketing seems pretty basic but it could have profound effects on what you do everyday.  It’s worth a shot I believe to see if those consumers passions are worth tapping into.
Guess that new social platform was worth “blabbing” about!

I’ll ask you as a reader of this blog…what are you most passionate about in your life?  I’d love to hear it.  Email with both a personal passion and a professional passion.

Do you need help with tapping into your or your customers passions?  I’m available for Grill Out Consulting Sessions to help small to midsize businesses and individuals further their businesses and relationships with their prospects and consumers!  Email me at for a free first consultation.

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