What will be said?

Today we’d like to honor JD (short for John Doe) for his heroic and game changing accomplishments in his professional career.
As JD sits before us it’s time we celebrate all that has been wonderful in his tenure.
Here’s just a few highlights of what JD has brought us:
-The ability to keep his head down every Monday and grunt instead of smile at co workers.
-Always willing to point the finger at a teammate if something has gone wrong.
-Courage to spend all of Friday afternoon setting his fantasy football team.
-Consistently sending high priority emails that were his high priority because he was running behind on it.
-Never the one to bring a new idea to the table.
-Leadership or kindness?  JD wouldn’t hear of it!
-A risk taker who was willing to fail? Hardly!  JD didn’t believe in such a thing.  Better to keep your head down from Hump Day on to get to the weekend as fast as possible.
We will always remember JD’s enthusiasm as he walked out the door for Friday lunch to never return that afternoon.
Let’s raise our glasses to JD…salute!


Today is a special and rather interesting day.  We are here to pay homage to JD, a worker who literally drove us crazy and made us feel so inspired at the same time.
JD…we almost fired you twice, you quit once, but here you are!
Here’s just a few highlights of what JD has brought us:
-Willing to make someone smile for no benefit of his own.
-Took the initiative to make all new workers feel welcome and that everyone had an important role in the projects we were working on.
-Brought numerous BAD ideas to the table but never let it bring him down, and as a result brought a few game changing ideas that saved our business.
-Practiced gratitude and empathy with all of our clients, no matter the size.
-The chances he took were always big, but they were calculated and were supplied with knowledge and hard work.
-Refused to stop learning.
-Valued experiences and relationships over money and titles.
-Never gave up on improving that hot dog stand of his nor ever stopped working on us to try to go find ours!
We will always remember how JD stuck his neck out for us, our clients, and all of our families.  He improved our bottom line in intangible ways we won’t soon forget.
Forever a renegade, a wildcard, and a passionate rebel…let’s raise our glasses to JD…salute!

The choices are ours for what will be said at the end of our working days.
Every day is an opportunity to build on one of these.  It’s not about the speech that we get, but rather the legacy we can leave behind to those who follow us.
What will be said about you?  It’s your decision.

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