The Social in Social Marketing

At Marketing FUN with Mike I try my best to clearly express my interest, stress, and importance on the FUN aspect of marketing.

From the hot dog suit to my semi wannabe professional nature pictures at the top of a blog post to the sharing of inspirational content of others I think it comes across that I believe FUN is important in the marketing, sales, and business world.

But the name is in the title of the website, blog, and company and I think anyone who digs into the content here (like you, thanks for being here!) knows what they are getting into.

So why does there seem to be a lack of social in social marketing? Click to Tweet!

Social is all about engagement, inspiration, value, and having an energetic presence around others.

The word “social” appears in the title just like the word “fun” but there seems to be an awful lot of “unsocial” marketing going on in the social media and social marketing world.

Here’s how to ensure that doesn’t happen to you or your company!

When examining your social marketing strategy start thinking about…

1)    Why is the user on this social platform?  Probably not to read your financial report or watch your TV ad.  How can you engage with them in a true social way?

2)    What can you do differently on each social marketing platform that others in your industry aren’t doing?  Be a little different.

3)    Try something that actually encourages a social share or cause.  Get people fired up and behind your brand to the point where DESIRE to be social with you.

4)    Have no fear!  Social Media Marketing posts come and go faster than the snap of a finger.  If you are concerned about taking a risk on something, do it.  It will be gone soon. 

DISCLAIMER: Don’t post anything potentially offensive to anybody.  That will stick with you for the rest of your company’s existence and you’ll be fortunate if you are still around.

5)    Set the bar high!  Be the industry leader by constantly pushing the envelope on your social strategies.  Try to create your own “Ice Bucket Challenge” instead of being the team that is forced to make the next “Ice Bucket Challenge” for their non profit.

 At the end of the day life is about having fun and being social in a kind way.  Let your marketing and business strategy be fun and social too.

Are you ready to take some action?
Take a look at your “social marketing” and figure out one way to connect with your following more on your social channels in a true human and social way.

Thank you for getting down to the bottom and for checking out this post.
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Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem!