Being Proved Wrong

Is there ever a finer feeling than being wrong?

Human nature tells us to despise the thought of being wrong.  To protect yourself as much as possible from it.  To dig in and fight tooth and nail to not let it happen.

But to be honest it can be great when you are wrong.

Part of my role at Gatehouse Media Partners is to help our clients understand digital marketing and advertising and to help them do it better than anyone around.  
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Our owner thought it would be a good idea to go through this intense digital training series that culminates with a 100 question multiple choice test that is a PASS or FAIL.
My initial thoughts were:
-“I already know all of this digital stuff!”
-“I’m a content marketing and social marketing hot dog stud why do I need to get tested.” Guess that was my ego going wild in my brain.
-“Pass or Fail? And you find out right there after you finish the test…crap that’s scary stuff!”
-“Seems like a scam to me.”
-“What am I back in school? Multiple choice? UGH!”

I did it.  I studied for probably 20-30 hours and it was a hard test and an intense ordeal.
Some of the studying was painstakingly boring and some of it was incredibly amazing when it came to what I learned.
Honestly I thought I knew the digital world inside and out and I was way wrong.
Still don’t…
But will push to get there…and I know SO MUCH MORE than I did.  And I did PASS.

I was proven completely wrong that I couldn't learn more!

And I couldn’t be happier about it.
Because it felt so good to learn all of that information and literally see the growth in my mind on the subject.

When we are wrong it’s often because we learned something that we didn’t think we needed or could learn.
When we are wrong it’s for the better because we got a lot out of it.
When we are wrong we realize there are no limits to our growth.
When we are wrong our minds start to open up to the possibilities again.
When we are wrong we realize we will never always be right.

Are you ready to take some action?
I encourage you to take the step in something that you thought you had mastered and learn more.  Be wrong today and grow tomorrow!

Thank you for getting down to the bottom and for checking out this post.
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