Committing to Passion

When you decide to make the commitment to passion there’s no turning back.
Not because “there’s no way out” when you decide to commit yourself, your career, and your life to one filled with passion.
It’s not like getting thrown in the “hole” in HBO’s Oz!
The reason there’s no turning back when you have decided to commit is because you are all in and you don’t want it any other way.

Certain mindsets begin to change when you commit yourself to passion.
Here are a few examples of what people have done.  What could have been “just a little” turned into “ALL IN!”
1) When Nothing But Nets was founded sports writer Rick Reilly became such an advocate for the cause he not only got himself on board with the non profit but the NBA and their NBA cares program that has now to date raised over $220 million dollars for the cause.  They don’t plan on stopping until malaria goes away.
2) My friends over at 59 National Parks have always enjoyed visiting the park system in the states but thought it was time for a true adventure.  They saved their money, lived on the cheap, and spent 59 weeks of their lives touring the country and visiting all 59 National Parks and countless other monuments and preserved lands in our parks system.  They are now back at work as teachers but have the stories and memories of a lifetime and a great blog/following and photography business to boot.
3) When “vacation” turns into “travel.” When people tell me that I go on vacation a lot I’m not sure if I need to correct them and let them know that I enjoy to travel but I'm certainly not always on vacation.  But I committed myself to seeing the world and once I started it’s near impossible to stop.  That being said when I go somewhere there’s always work to be done and it’s not just sitting on a beach reading a book.  Vacation rarely exists in my world anymore but travel is a BIG part of my life.  It's hard to tell the difference when someone does want to just get away.
4) Individuals that decide it’s time to work for a cause.  Once you dig in as an advocate for something, whether it is a big company, your own company, or a startup it’s near impossible to go back to “working for the man.”  There’s nothing more addicting in this world than fighting for something you believe in.  Click To TWEET!
5) From getting into shape, eating healthy food, cooking with your family every night, taking walks in parks, volunteering somewhere, or teaching your child to read the list could go on and on!

When you commit to passion you can’t turn back.  If you haven’t been tapping into your passions and you start to do it you will feel more alive than you ever knew you could.  

What do you have to do to commit yourself fully to a passion fueled life?

  • Take the step and write down ten things you would like to do NOW.  Not “Visit Australia for two months when I retire.”  Great place I have heard but this is not a bucket list.
  • Ten things that you are fully capable of doing now.  Creating a team building event at your company, putting fun marketing behind your social media posts of your business, choosing to overcome a fear, taking the time to train for something, learning a new skill, going somewhere and doing something you have always wanted to do, etc.
  • Then put together an action plan for how and when each one can start.
  • Finally…pick one…and START!

Commit yourself to tapping into your passions and what motivates and inspires you each and every day.  You’ll never look back.

Thank you for hanging out here and for reading this post.
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