Holding the Cards

We don’t have all control over everything that happens in this world.
But we do hold the cards that enable us to make decisions in how we will respond each day.

I read a story about a young boy whose great grandmother had Alzheimer’s.  He is six years old and decided to fund raise money by growing vegetables in the garden and selling them.
He is six keep in mind.
He has raised a couple hundred dollars, been featured on a radio station and had numerous articles written on him, and will be honored at the upcoming Walk to End Alzheimer’s in his city.
He could have convinced himself that he didn’t need to do anything.
But when you hold the cards and believe you do powerful things can happen.

I have a friend who took over a struggling coaching business and now has helped people in the hundreds have breakthroughs that have literally transformed their lives.
It would have been easy to just shut that business down but holding the cards he felt he could make a change.

There was a podcast I listened to about a lady who used to do foreign aid missions overseas and now is unable to walk or travel.  She now gets videoed in all of the missions to oversee them and provides front end consulting.  She had a pretty understandable out, but she played her cards the way she felt she could to continue to forge onward.

Every day the odds are stacked against us. 
Someone will likely be after us to tear us down.  To take our lunch money and not apologize for it.
To take the quick and easy cash grab while we are left frustrated and upset.

But when you are holding the cards you are thinking long term, your mindset is hard to break, and even if growing tomatoes or taken over a struggling company aren’t your things you believe in the change you can make.
You know you can help and are excited to do it.

They can take your lunch money but they’ll always forget to steal the cards that you are holding.
And you can get back at it immediately because you believe in what you CAN control.

Is there something that is intimidating you to give it a whirl but you are concerned it might not work?  Take the action to explore it more in depth for an hour this weekend and see what the worst case scenario is if you try it.  It might not be as bad as you think.
I’m around for grill out sessions if you need a partner in this.

Now onward!

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