Asking Thought Provoking Questions

It seems like the answers our questions receive head down two different paths.
“Oh nothing really.”
“Slammed, just totally busy.”

Does this mean that everyone in the world either literally has NOTHING going on in their life or literally has EVERYTHING going on in their life?

To be honest with you I think it’s somewhere in the middle.  So why the extreme boring answers that don’t give any framework for what’s really going on?
It’s because we don’t ask enough thought provoking questions.

I’ve been totally guilty of it.
If I ask someone
“How was your Monday?” what kind of answer do I think I’ll be receiving.
But what if I flipped the script to ask only thought provoking questions about Mondays.
The conversation could then start with
“What was one thing that made your heart literally jump out of your body on this fine Monday?”

We might get a story about how their kid threw up on their white sheets, or getting their toe run over by a car while walking to work, or seeing the guy who was wind sprints in the park with his two pit bulls.

When we start asking thought provoking questions we get thought provoking answers.
It leads to more fun and animated conversations and begins to erode away the displeasure of small talk into a convo both parties are excited to have.

What else can it do?
It might lead us to learn something, whether it be about that person or a particular field they are interested in.
We might gain a new perspective on a topic.
It might get us to see things a little differently and grow as a person.
We might get an awesome idea.
It might change how we feel that day for the better.
We might change how that person feels that day for the better.

And if that’s not worth it then I don’t know what else we can do.
The world is ever changing and ever evolving.
Want to stay on the top of your game and be the best at what you do?  
Asking thought provoking questions will get you highly intelligent conversations with more highly intelligent people.

You will grow, you will laugh, you will get nervous, you will stare fear in the face, you will learn, and you will have FUN.

Disclaimer: At Marketing Fun With Mike…we like the idea of having FUN!

Implement it today.  The next person you see that you are going to softball a boring question to, give them something that provoke them to give you an answer worth remembering.

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