Sometimes you have to go first

Who wants to do that? 
Most think it would be a little easier to spend time seeing how everyone else fares before jumping in.
But sometimes you have to go first.

Though the pressure was less intense than my example in this story but I believe I was the first person to do 31 Hot Dog Month Videos last year saying “Hot Dog” in 31 different languages.
Intimidating? Hardly!
Scary? Eh…
Fun? You betcha!

Your nerves tend to be going haywire and the palms and pits may be sweaty.
It’s because when you choose to go first…to stick your head out…to peek around the corner no one has ever gone…to take the initiative to dive in headfirst…it is absolutely terrifying!

But you know what happens if someone doesn’t?
Nothing happens!

We never evolve.  We never progress.  We never get better.  We never come up with new ways to grow ourselves, those around us, and how we live personally and professionally.

A good friend of mine has chosen to go first.  It’s also the place that took a chance on me as an intern in college and remains to this day the best radio station in the world.  
(With apologies to my former company and my father in law.)

CD 102.5 has launched a crowd funding campaign, the first of its kind in the industry, to try to keep radio independent.  They chose to go first.
The owner will be joining the podcast next week and I’ll hope you’ll listen in.
But until then…check out their crowdfunding campaign HERE…if you believe in it…spread it and donate.

And when you are done…ask yourself…”What am I going to do first?”
What do you believe so much that you think it needs to get done now?!
There is no more time to wait around for others to go before you.

It’s not easy…but sometimes you have to go first.  
But the thing is once you do…you’ll quickly find out that you aren’t alone.  And you have more support than you could have ever imagined.

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Thanks for hanging here and being a part of the crew today.  I’m grateful for it I can tell you that.

Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from Yourself, Carpe Diem!