Everyday Heroes

It’s truly possible in this world to witness an act of heroism each and every day. 
To even be that act of heroism is feasible as well!
When we think of heroes we tend to drift towards the protagonist in the action movie, the QB of a football team, world changers like Dr MLK Jr or Mother Theresa, or the lady who saves the child from the oncoming truck.

All of these people are heroes in their own right but we don’t often have the opportunity to run into these types each day.
But we do have the chance to see everyday heroes because they are right in front of our eyes.  We just have to open our eyes and ears and be ready to look and hear.

A everyday hero is someone who makes an impact on someone else’s life in a positive way. 
A everyday hero is someone who is able to better the lives of those around them without even attempting to.
A everyday hero most likely would never consider themselves one and think it’s nonsense that I’m even writing a post about them.

We all have the opportunity to be everyday heroes to those around us.  It’s just taking the initiative to open our hearts and minds to the idea of giving without attempting to receive right back.

I saw numerous instances of everyday heroes on a recent trip to Colorado.

Here are a few:
1) Mr Mitchell.  The owner of Tiny Town Mini Golf Course since 1955.  He still runs the front desk and charges $3 per game.  The sign says “A nice place for nice people.”  This particular time I was there he gave a free game to a young child even though he missed the “free game” shot.  Mr Mitchell insisted the child deserved it and he did a great job.  It made the child’s day.
2) Southwest Airport Attendant.  A middle aged man working the desk at Southwest Airlines engaged and calmed a young frightened girl who was going to be getting on a flight without her parents.  She also had a broken leg and was wheelchair bound.  His calmness and kindness set her at ease as I watched it unfold from the line.
3) The T Shirt Shop Owners of Estes Park.  My wife and I got into a pickle on our last day in town as one of her clients didn’t receive her T shirt order for her event the next day.  We went from door to door seeing if anyone could screen print 50 XL shirts within two hours (oh they had to have the shirts in stock too!)  It was an almost impossible inquiry to fill and while it didn’t happen (and thankfully the client was okay with getting them later this week) every single T Shirt Shop Owner tried to think through each and every way they could help us out.  They referred us to other shops, made calls, and did critical thinking for us.  For no reason other than to try to help out a visiting stranger that was in a bind.

Everyday heroes bring me peace of mind and instill a sense of gratitude in me.  We should definitely strive to change the whole world like a well known hero can.  But we shouldn’t forget the opportunity to be an everyday hero to just one person around us while we go about our day.

Let’s instill that heroism we see and read about into our own and those we interact withes lives everyday!

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