Deposits and Withdrawals

We all make deposits and withdrawals into our bank accounts.
Well sometimes more withdrawals than balances but I think you get the idea!
But what about the deposits and withdrawals we make in our careers?

We withdraw our time, energy, and brainpower every day in our careers.
The caring and thought that is put into what we do can reach a point of exhaustion.
It is a constant withdrawal.
And it’s worth it when you have your hot dog stand and you are pouring your emotions and skills into a passion.
But even with that love there needs to be a time when deposits are made.

What do your deposits look like?
-Attending a seminar that not only teaches you but reinvigorates you.
-Learning a new skill set that will better enable you to create extraordinary experiences within your position.
-A day off, time away from your phone, or any other type of kicking back that truly lets you disconnect and recharge your batteries.
-Surrounding yourself with good positive people that build you up instead of tear you down.
-Healthy food.
-Taking a walk.
-Reading a professional development book.
-Joining a networking group related to your industry.
-Trying something new that makes you a little uncomfortable but might help you grow!
-A good night’s sleep :).

Just like any good bank account there needs to be a surplus of deposits to go with your withdrawals.
The focus is always put on the withdrawals but there needs to be time set aside each and every day for your deposits.

Give yourself the chance to grow, get better, relax, and recharge your hot dog stand.
Set aside at least one hour early in the morning or later in the day to truly work on making sure your deposits balance out with your withdrawals.
It’s important to maximize the effort we put into our deposits.  We spend all the time in the world on the withdrawals.
Don’t forget to fill yourself back up whenever possible!

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