Is there a climax for achievement?

Have you ever had a goal with a “perceived climax” you worked to for a number of years?

Every one of us have a few; getting a high school diploma, raising a kid, or retiring for instance.
But then you get to that perceived climax of the diploma being placed in your hand, or your child moving out of the house, or the first day you wake up and you don’t have to go to work…ever again.

What happens?
It seems like the perceived climax can become a little melodramatic. Click to Tweet!

I had a goal that I just reached this past week that started in March of 2011.  It involved hours of work, time, dedication, and perseverance.
Then I achieved the goal, the application was submitted and approved, and the formality of it came in the mail that it was official.  And done.
All within two days after almost four and a half years of work.

When you are trying to achieve the perceived climax of finishing it perhaps isn’t what we should be striving for.
Instead focus on the journey and why you tried to achieve this goal in the first place.

Sure it was over quickly but I wouldn’t trade those four and a half years for anything.  I met new people, become much more proficient in a number of life skills, had a great time, grew both personally and professionally, and overall learned a great deal about myself, others, and this world as a whole.  And can use these skills the rest of my life in everything I do.

All of those takeaways surely outweigh the fact that you receive a diploma, have an empty bed in the house, or get a gold watch. (No more gold watches sorry.  My generation will probably be grateful for a happy hour come retirement time.)

When you set out to achieve your next long term goal try to weigh in what the journey will entail.  Grasp at it all you can and push to learn and grow as much as possible as it is happening instead of focusing on just finishing it.
You might find out the climax is actually going on the whole time and the end is really just that…the end.

What’s your next long term goal?  Set it today and start doing something special for yourself or others!

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