Marketing ReImagined in Five Ways

Figuring out exactly how you will revamp a marketing strategy can…well…kind of…okay I’ll say it…IT CAN SUCK!

Marketing today has to literally be reimagined from the ground up on an almost daily basis.  What works now didn’t work last week and what works tomorrow will be a distant memory by next year.  And that is never going to change.  (Bold Statement ALERT!)

With the capabilities that digital marketing now has you can literally reach exactly who you want to talk to for cents on the dollar.  

How does even a reimagined marketing strategy compete with the companies that have endless supplies of those cents on the dollars?

By forgetting about trying to keep up with the Joneses and reimagining their marketing with an approach that is geared toward offering an incredible experience to the customer.

Here are five ways to reimagine your marketing for your company or your business to compete in this always on nothing is ever good enough world.

1) Making sure that what you offer is a unique and outstanding experience.  If it’s average or the lowest price someone else can swoop in.  But consistently unique and outstanding is hard to come by.
2) Remember your customers names.  It’s one that you won’t find on most lists but that’s what you want right?  Something that someone hasn’t told you a million times over.  Remember all your customers names!
3) Be honest with yourself and the company that what you are doing has more value than just your company’s bottom line.  If you don’t have a story to tell then the best marketing and  biggest advertising budget in the world is pointless.
4) Dare to say NO.  You don’t have to be on Facebook.  You don’t have to write a blog.  You don’t have to buy a booth at your industry event expo.  Dare to say NO to what everyone else is doing.  But there better be an alternative.
5) Forget the fact that you are in business to make money and start marketing whatever it is you have as though it’s free.  Pretend that it doesn’t matter if you never make another dollar but want people to love what you have and everything that comes with it.  Stop overthinking hashtags and start overthinking kindness and happiness of your customers.

There’s been many a mentor who has said to me “Stop caring about making a million dollars and do something you believe in and you will make a million dollars.” CLICK TO TWEET!

If you can learn about all the latest trends, data, and insights but not become obsessed with them and instead focus on reimagining your marketing from a human perspective you will win.
People want to belong, people want to know you care, and people want to be part of something that matters.

Deliver them that and you will deliver yourself an ongoing paycheck and feeling of worthiness in a dizzying business world.

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