What do you want to be when you grow up?

How many ways would you answer that question if it were asked every day?
I watched this outstanding talk HERE that examined that very question and cleared a lot of things up in my eyes.

The notion that we are all only meant to do one thing in this world is not true.  There can be multiple answers to the question what do you want to be when you grow up.  Some will also only answer one thing and that is okay too.

I'd recommend if you are one of those people like me with multiple interest disorder that you watch this TEDx talk on "multi-potentialites" HERE.  Marketing, sales, writing, coaching, cooking, basketball, hiking, running, yoga, reading, event management, website coding, volunteering, nutrition, travel, languages, finance, meditation, and many more are just a few of my multiple interest disorder symptoms.  For a while I thought maybe I needed to hone in more and narrow down.  But then I realized from watching this that everything in life DOES build on each other and there are some of us out there who simply want to learn, apply, and dabble into something else.

So if you are concerned about your multiple interest disorder...disregard the worries and start embracing it.

Multi-Potentialites are needed after all!

Thanks to you for reading and hanging around here.
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