What can I possibly do now?

Let’s take a few steps back to start this post…

1) National Hot Dog Month in America is July.
2) Finding your “hot dog stand” is a METAPHOR for finding a passion or calling in your life.  Once you find your hot dog stand you start tapping into those passions as much as you can.
3) I’ll admit the hot dog thing has gotten a little out of control but I owe a ton of my career and what I do now to it so it’s my way of paying homage to it.  Even though I rarely eat hot dogs.
4) In 2013 for July we did “31 ways to eat a hot dog” and they included eating one while sleeping, juggling, meditating, etc.  
5) In 2014 for July we did “31 ways to say hot dog in 31 different countries” and they are forever on YouTube HERE.

My quest to decide on what to do for 2015 is done.  My wife and I are ready to spend way too much time on this project but promise we will have a damn good time while we do it.

I posed the question to myself “What can I possibly do now?” in 2015 for Hot Dog Month.
How can I continue to make it funnier and more outlandish than the last two years?
It will take a ton of work and creativity I figured.  I wasn’t sure if I was up to it.

That’s right where we stop sometimes.   Why?  Because if for no other reason we just don’t want to take stuff to the next level and try to outdo ourselves.

When you get that thought in your head of “What can I possibly do now?” that is exactly when you want to keep pushing yourself to do more.  To make that next breakthrough in your life and in your career.

Hot Dog Month doesn’t really have much to do with passionate living, creating your personal brand, getting more efficient, or creating an identity for your sales career which are my main topics on this website.

So why continue to do it?

Because it’s fun and it makes myself and others laugh.  And at the end of the day if we can’t simply do things just for those two reasons what’s the point of this beautiful life and world we have?

Tune into any one of my social channels starting July 1st and you will get one picture post per day for 31 straight days.

Happy Hot Dog Month 2015!  And think to yourself…”What can I possibly do now?” and figure out how to push your creative juices to the next level and do it!

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